First 2 weeks in Viborg

In the first two Weeks of the CGA Bachelor we had to creat a tiny short not longer than 30secs (+3secs for credits). 2 guys out of the CGA and 2 guys of the CA built one group. In each group was at least one guy who had enough experience to create a movie.
Lucky me, i was put in a group with 3 really nice people (Camilla G Pedersen CA, Dionyses Douliakas CA and Asdis Jonsdottir CGA).

The story had to be based on a given soundfile.

I worked on the layout and the whole compositing.

For the fact, that none of the 3 other guys had much experience in animating and working with photoshop, tv paint etc. and that we had to join lecturelessons during the 2weeks with the result, that we had like +- 9 workingdays for the short left,...

...the movie get quiet good ;-)

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