Here the last schoolproject I worked on with an amazing group of 4 CGA students...

Camilla Thorsted Cording, Niels Peter Kaagaard, Stephen Brossman and myself

...and 3 Animation students

Helena Smith,Clara Baidel and Jonas B. Mikkelsen

+ three animation helpers
Camilla P.,Emmanouil K., Signe T.S.

The assignment was to make a 30 seconds trailer for a movie, we came up with, which is based on the essence of a given classic....our given movie was "Citizen Kane".

We had about 3 Months time even though +- 50% of it were still school lessons. So about 1 1/2 to 2 months workingtime.

Here some of the stuff i worked on + the "final" result.

( My part was mainly the characterdesign,storyboard,rigging,rendering and compositing)

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Benjamin Strobel hat gesagt…

nice designs Dude, love the trailer too. Man, you are getting better and better. Keep it up