Bachelor Projects

So here are the two bachelor projects I worked on over about 8 months last year.
It was such a great experience working with all the amazing people involved in these projects.

I was the technical art Director and Pipeline Manager in both projects.

"Interview" directed by Mikkel Okholm

"Out of Bounds" directed by Viktoria Piechowitz


Quick Bub clothTest

Thought after a long break of not posting anything I could just put up this little rendered Scene. Its a very old scene (about 3 years ago) on which i tried some clothSim workflows out. Animated by Ringo Klapschinsky.


Interview Title Sequence

This short clip was made as an exercise at the beginning of the Bacheloryear to get to know how the whole bachelorgroup works together.

If you want to know more about our project check out our mainpage of the Bachelorfilm "Interview" coming out in January 2014.



lil Concept

A quick charactersketch i did for a good friend of mine for her bachelorpitch just as an inspiration how the maincharacter could look like (he should be a long slim guy around +-28).

I wish her good luck that her story get chosen!


what to do while rendering?! DoodleTime!